If you focus on success, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.

—Jack Dixon, author .

Coaching Reframe

Corine de Hemptinne

We are living in extraordinary times.

Times that have changed not only due to a worldwide pandemic, but also political, economic, and ecologic turmoil.

Despite these harsh uncertainties, there will be unprecedented opportunities to make a positive change in the boardroom and even in the world at large with the right guidance.

My natural sense of inquiry and passion, drives my work with leaders who are ready to commit to expanding their current skills and developing new ones .

I help my clients bring awareness to both their personal and professional habits. By challenging their perspectives in and out of the workplace, they can obtain lasting change and reveal the very best of themselves. These changes create a positive impact that permeates all areas of their lives and beyond.

With the advantage of working in many different countries and cultures, I have developed a unique coaching methodology based on a combination of contemporary humanities, ancestral traditions of meditation, and fundamental wisdom of nature and self-development techniques. Through a system of unraveling habits and attitudes, I guide leaders to reevaluate and strengthen their vision of self, and restructure their management style to help them excel .


You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals.

—Marie Curie.
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Corine is a wonderful person and professional, and her coaching has been life-changing. I enjoyed working with Corine for one year, and I can only thank her each time I am facing challenges. Her coaching helped me understand my strengths, my role as a female founder in the company, how to better communicate with others, and how to understand others better too. She also taught me to practice vulnerability, which is something very difficult and uncomfortable at first. Corine has a very unique, positive, and creative way of coaching with a variety of exercises, readings, physical postures, and more, making the coaching not only interesting but also living! It actually became a routine after a while. You realize how much someone has brought you when you see how much you’ve changed and improved. I am very grateful I have met and worked with her.

Nancy d F Co-Founder and COO at LINEDOC
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Thanks to Corine’s guidance and strong leadership, I have discovered the power I have in me to shape my life as I want it. She helped me create new habits in my daily routine and focus on self-awareness which brings me joy, strength, and serenity on a daily basis.

Severine E Entrepreneur, Palm Spring, USA
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Corine’s approach and well-thought-out questions supported me immensely in figuring out and accepting where I find myself and how I was feeling in the moment without judging it or wanting it to be any different. Being a coach myself, it was very useful to be coached by someone with questioning skills combining head, heart, and body. It allowed me to relax into the situation rather than resist it.

Barbara P Management Consultant, The Hague, Netherlands
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Corine is an excellent coach, attentive and always positive. Her expertise in coaching and psychology is the perfect combo. Her approach is pragmatic, personalized, and very efficient. From the very first session I could feel the benefits from this coaching. Corine was always available and she was able to provide me tools at any moment in order to help me improve within days. As an entrepreneur, I have learned to listen to my emotions and understand my feelings which has been particularly helpful to overcome the many challenges I am facing every day. I strongly recommend this coaching !

Angélique Z CEO, San Francisco, USA
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I found Corine’s coaching and the Integral methodology to be incredibly beneficial. She took time to help develop a clear plan that kept us anchored around the most important goals, and she was patient in explaining the rationale along the way. I was pleasantly challenged to have faith in the process, and myself, and was awarded with several personal and professional breakthroughs. I highly recommend Corine for anyone looking to invest in their own evolution and well-being.

Christina W Regional Vice-President, San Francisco, USA

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