How does it work ?

A coaching journey has three phases :

Assessment :

To analyze and define a coaching program specifically tailored to a client’s needs and objectives.

Coaching program :

To work closely together, revealing full potential.

Follow-up :

To offer refresher sessions once the program is complete.

A typical coaching program takes about six to nine months.

My clients commit to developing new skills with the goal of achieving excellence and long-term performance, by establishing self-improving habits and fresh perspectives to life and work.

My coaching style joins the intersection of several disciplines, based on my Master’s degrees in psychology; certifications in coaching, MBSR meditation, compassion; and methodology obtained during my expatriate experiences.

What I offer you :

Penser différemment
  • An openness and level of empathy gained through global living and working experiences.
  • A personalized six to nine month, one-on-one coaching program.
  • A carefully crafted development plan with specific goals.
  • Exercises and tools to reach excellence with self-improvement to enhance the quality of the life you seek.
  • A large array of professional coaching methods.
  • Personal inner/spiritual work, continuing education, and constant contact with wisdom and learning resources to empower you on your journey.
  • In-person sessions via Zoom for international clients or Covid-19 restrictions.

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