Meet Corine

I have lived on three continents and, literally, one ocean. These experiences have undeniably shaped my attitudes towards work, interpersonal relationships and self-awareness. And as a result, my coaching skills have developed in a unique way.

On Earth.

In 2006, I decided to change my familiar routine and made a major life decision. Up until then, I had built a comfortable practice as a psychologist and trainer, managing 100 psychologist experts in emergency crisis management and post-traumatic stress disorder treatment (PTSD) in Belgium and Luxemburg, but it was time to move on and explore other aspects of life, family, and new horizons.

To the sea.

As a family, we left our comfort zone (and the physical stability of the ground!) to sail around the Atlantic for 15 months. With my husband and our three children, we led a humanitarian project in Senegal and created the Order of the Knight of Nature with a mandate to defend and protect the natural environment.

This project taught us how to budget, deal with restricted food and water supplies, understand weather patterns, and maintain personal security with three kids under the age of seven. Not only was it a huge lesson in lifestyle change and team management, but it gave us an invaluable toolbox to navigate our professional and private challenges.

During this trip we lived with African and Caribbean populations, and my whole worldview changed through a cultural diversity and earth-based wisdom that profoundly affected me. It was a privilege to offer psychological support to many local people, as well as an eclectic mix of travelers and even the occasional entrepreneur. This exposure to new cultures, formed the catalyst of the methods I have since developed in my coaching sessions.

Moving east.

After this initial trip, we traveled East to settled in South Korea. This was a total culture shock, both exciting and challenging in equal measure. While gradually finding the lay of the land, I was lucky enough to meet a number of inspirational Zen masters and in time, was able to fully embrace their mindful based meditation techniques and teachings, in tandem with my own philosophies.

South Korea is renowned for its demanding work ethic and high levels of stress. It was obvious that there was a need for therapy across the board. Thanks to a network of contacts and people’s willingness to engage in psychological help and guidance, I continued my original expertise in distress issues. This work centered around all stages of psychological crisis: at home, work, peer pressure, trauma and so on.

Before a crisis, I focused on preventing burnouts by showing people how to prioritize their most pressing and important concerns, and take a back step from work pressure and competition. Not an easy task in South Korea!

During a crisis, I worked with a variety of clients suffering from PTSD, such as Fukushima earthquake survivors and first responders. I supported them with specific techniques to overcome ongoing apprehensions and the effects that occur after the event.

After a crisis, I would help people with damage control, by turning a setback into an opportunity, to process, evolve, and move on .

This new life voyage and work experiences re-centered my skill set and re-grounded me in preparation for a wide variety of situations; different, but highly relevant to my career. My personal change and evolution, revealed a path to a positive environment that, today, helps bring my clients serenity in stressful and extreme circumstances.

Heading out west.

After four years in Asia, we changed direction again and this time our family landed in San Francisco, California, where awareness of nature’s wisdom has flourished. Here, I've brought a core acknowledgment of nature into my coaching, to encourage each client to recognize intuition, self-reflection, and groundedness.

In addition to being a fully qualified psychologist in Europe, I became certified in California/US as an Executive and Leadership Coach (Venture West) in order to be more attuned to my clients' professional and personal demands. Resilience while facing failure and the well known Californian energy has profoundly shaped my point of view. As a result, my work became more structured and goal oriented within the workplace.

My current methodology is a blend of European sensibility, Asian wisdom, and Californian energy, which offers a unique take on a myriad of changing situations.

My approach enables me to support leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals through their toughest challenges, working closely with them to unfold their full potential with the best of these cultural traditions and values.

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